Odawa Judo Club

Odawa Judo Club


The only not-for-profit judo club within the Nation's Capital

- Established 2008


There is great emphasis on technical development and tactical awareness in competitive judo sessions. Fitness sessions are tailored to improve stamina, strength and conditioning. Advice on nutrition and weight management is also provided to get the best out of the judoka.
We are a strong competitive club, attending events locally, provincially,  at all levels from under 12 years old to veterans over 35 years old. All events are sanctioned by Judo Canada, Judo Ontario, or the International Judo Federation.

All Odawa Judo Club members are not permitted on the mat area, unless they have first completed a Judo Ontario registration. Registration is done directly through the club. 

Judo’s origin is based in self-defense.
Additionally, it’s considered the most dominate martial art when two people fighting end up on the ground. National Police stats state 90% of all street fights end on the ground. In other words, although Hollywood makes kicks and other striking forms look very exciting, however, in reality when you have practiced fighting on the ground, it’s more likely that you’ll walk away unharmed.
Special classes are set up in police-style training in disarming attackers with sticks, knives and guns.  

"Done With Bullying"

Whatever judo you're looking for, we got it!

The Recreational Judo program is designed to teach students technique and to improve fitness and body coordination.
Each class will consist of:

  • Typical Judo Warm-up Exercises
  • Basic Throwing and Holding Techniques
  • Basic Arm-locking and Choking Techniques (students over the age of 16)
  • Judo Development Games

We take beginners as young as 5 years old.
All new members who have not done judo before start in this program. Once the new member graduates to yellow belt, he/she may be considered for the competitive level which is much more vigorous and designed to prepare students to fight in competitions at the various levels of competitive judo.