Odawa Judo Club

Odawa Judo Club

The Odawa Judo Club is dedicated to teaching the traditional art of Kodokan Judo to all ages of participants as young as Five years old to members older than 70 years of age. The judo program focuses on respectful training and education in a nonprofit environment. The origin of the club was born out of providing a low-cost fitness program to First Nations people and their surrounding communities. The club encourages all persons of any cultural background to participate and learn.  

Our goal is to make Kodokan Judo affordable for all. We will strive to never turn away a student, despite their financial abilities.

We teach Jigoro Kano's philosophy of Judo. The goals of the practice of judo are to perfect oneself physically, morally and mentally and then use those strengths for the good of society.

  • To promote the Olympic sport of judo
  • To promote the well being and safety of our members
  • To be role models for our community at large
  • To develop recreational, beginner, advanced, and elite athletes
  • To promote physical fitness
  • To have competent and certified instructors

In a narrow sense, judo can be defined as the study of the maximum use of the body and mind for the purpose of attack and defence. In a wider sense, the principles of judo can be applied to all affairs of life. The ultimate objective of judo is the perfection of one's self by the systematic training of the mind and body through exercise so that each works in harmony with the other.

Judo training can result in self-confidence in a variety of situations, self-discipline and respect for one's self and others. It provides a unique recreational opportunity and can be practiced by any individual.

Our  Mission  Statement  :