Odawa Judo Club

Odawa Judo Club

Next program starts - March 2017

Cost: $220.00 for eight weeks. 

Women's ONLy self-defense

Course taught by: 

- Judo black belt instructor

- Over 35 years of Martial arts training

- Judo, ju-jitsu, karate, boxing & kickboxing

- Trained police and other security personnel

- Former personal bodyguard & bar bouncer

Over 15 years of dealing with past trauma survivors. Each participant will be given the opportunity and time to adjust, as they retrieve their own empowerment. 

The program is a progressive course, starting with safety in practice, and then actual attack scenarios and defenses from standing, ground, seated and closed-in positions. Also disarming weapons such as striking objects and knives. 

Maximum 15 participants 

​Register through Here

All instructors are volunteers, and 100% of cost stays within the Odawa Judo Club. 

Judo -  best martial art for any kind of self-defence.

6 weeks/every Monday night.